Life is fluid and constantly changing.  In the global business environment, things can change even faster.  Businesses and their owners are in a constant state of change and adaptation as they respond to the multitude of internal and external pressures of the global economy.  Current U.S. and international tax laws create even more challenges for businesses as there are special rules that apply depending on a business’ organizational structure and industry.

Keeping up with all of the laws, regulations, and court cases that are the foundation of the maze of our modern business tax laws requires a firm with deep resources and years of expertise dealing with complex tax issues.  Experience matters, and this is what Peterson Sullivan offers to business owners.

Business Tax Services Include:

For 65 years, Peterson Sullivan has been serving the needs of businesses and their owners in the Puget Sound and across the globe by helping them navigate a complex tax environment.  Whether in planning for anticipated transactions, solving complex tax problems or in making sure our clients are in compliance with the various tax jurisdictions in which they operate, our credentials are the result of years of hands-on experience.  No matter what your business structure or what industry you operate in, our professionals have the experience and knowledge necessary to ensure that your business is limiting its exposure to federal, state, and local taxes and maximizing its earnings.