Our valuation and financial consulting practice provides supportable and timely valuation analysis and consulting services. We have valued hundreds of companies operating in various industries and provide valuations of business enterprises, common and preferred stock, partnership interests, and limited liability company interests. Our valuation experts and business consultants have diverse backgrounds in business valuation, finance, strategic planning, and corporate reorganization and restructuring. Our valuation experience includes success in the final disposition of these matters through IRS conferences, informal negotiations, sworn depositions and court appearances.

We believe this is an absolutely essential part of our overall package of services, and we dedicate all of the resources necessary to ensure the strength and ultimate success of our position.

Is your company seeking clear valuation in the areas of fair value and financial statement reporting; merger, acquisition and divestment; gift and estate taxes; or litigation and dissolution? Contact Peterson Sullivan today. For more information on valuation services, call us at (206) 382-7777. In a brief consultation, we can assess your needs and determine how best to help your company