Many business owners are involved in a sale, merger or acquisition once or maybe twice during their lives. In some cases, they are selling the company they started as part of a succession or exit plan. In other cases, market changes require the disposition of a subsidiary, consolidation to leverage efficiencies and increase value, or to propel an organization into a new market/industry segment. Whatever the reason driving the transaction, mergers, acquisitions, and dispositions can be complex and require direction and guidance that extends far beyond the actual transaction.

To ensure the best outcome, it’s critical to partner with a firm that understands the various factors that make a successful transaction. For this reason, many Seattle business owners turn to Peterson Sullivan to guide them through the sale, acquisition, disposition or merger of their company. Our team of seasoned professionals not only have years of experience planning for and conducting these transactions, but they are intimately familiar with the Seattle marketplace and key trends.

Our Process

A successful purchase or sale of a company begins with a thorough understanding of the objectives for the transaction. Since each situation is unique, it’s essential for our team to identify what you hope to accomplish and more importantly what you want once the transaction is complete. Let’s face it – a successful transaction involves more than getting the right price. Attention needs to be given to issues such as payment terms, developing an optimal post-deal tax structure, integration concerns and buying from ( or selling to) an organization with the right business philosophy. While some of these concerns can be solved by running the numbers, other issues require critical soft skills to ensure the “match” brings you as close as possible to meeting your goals.

Our process not only focuses on maximizing value but also provides the expert guidance and direction that is needed during the process. From preparing the company for sale to developing the profile of the ideal company to purchase, our professionals leverage their years of experience to benefit you at all stages of the process. This not only brings the value you expect but only involves you when needed so you can focus your energy on managing the enterprise.

The cornerstone of our work together is confidentiality. The reality is that your business may be at risk if the market (including vendors, customers, suppliers, and strategic partners) come to find out your company is for sale or looking to make a purchase. For this reason, we pay careful attention to ensure all of our work on your behalf is completed with the strictest of confidence.

Mergers & Acquisition Services

Our service portfolio offers access to a number of key services in the evaluation and execution of a transaction, including:

  • Financial Due Diligence
  • Business Valuation & Purchase Price Options
  • Analysis of Quality of Earnings (EBIDTA)
  • Analysis of Target Working Capital
  • Transactional Tax Structuring
  • Identification of Proper Accounting Methods/Adjustments
  • Transaction Agreement Review & Analysis
  • Identify Deductibility of Transaction Costs
  • Evaluation of Proper Choice of Entity
  • Coordination with Attorneys, Bankers & Others
  • Estate Tax Planning
  • Retirement Planning & Wealth Management