Successful litigation outcomes depend in no small part on the efficacy of expert witness testimony.  While the art of providing testimony is a key component of litigation support assignments, testimony is always more effective if it is backed by a robust and credible analysis that can be communicated in an understandable fashion no matter how complex the details.  In addition, an effective report can be a key tool in promoting settlement.

Our professionals have a strong record of success in a variety of disputes across a wide range of issues.  We assist clients with expert consulting in all phases of litigation:  pre-litigation strategy and assessments; discovery, expert analysis and reports; expert and fact witness depositions; settlement considerations; and trial.  Our team has delivered expert witness testimony in state and federal courts and in alternative dispute resolution forums, and provided services in many cases that settled prior to trial.

If you are seeking valuation expertise in any of the following the areas, contact Peterson Sullivan today.  In a brief consultation, we can assess your needs and determine how best to help you with the issue at hand.