What is Data Analytics Consulting?

The amount of data accumulated within modern organizations is enormous.  If handled correctly, the data can be leveraged efficiently to reveal important facts, trends, and patterns that provide vital insights and solutions to management.  Our goal is to enable management to focus on their core business activities rather than administrative tasks such as gathering, cleansing, and standardizing data to convert it to a consumable format.  We deliver solutions to management in a meaningful format to enable better decision-making based upon the right data and metrics.

How Do We Do It?

Our team listens to our clients to identify potential business problems.  Next, we collaborate with management to create efficient solutions to fit the organization’s needs and budget to capitalize on opportunities, increase revenues, and decrease costs.  Because of our team’s focus on solving business problems, we achieve positive outcomes by creating customized solutions designed to address specific businesses problems. This approach helps our solutions to be used to drive change throughout the organization.  We leverage a diverse set of technology tools for analysis, historical, and presentation purposes, to obtain business insights and convert data into information that motivates action.

  • Building data models for various operational and reporting needs
  • Compiling reports and queries
  • Data cleansing
  • Assessing systems from the data and testing system conversion
  • Reports and reporting assessment process
  • Advanced analytics to create forecasting mechanisms, complex calculations, stream analytics and network analysis
  • Advisory services and planning for development of BI systems

Our product line up:

Please contact Bryan Geels, Data Analytics Practice Lead, to learn how Peterson Sullivan’s data analytics team helps to make our client’s business data more accessible and consumable, enabling management to mitigate risks and make better business decisions using the right data and metrics.