Sign me up!  What might I expect as I look into the future of my incredible career at Peterson Sullivan?

Welcome!  Many professionals spend their entire careers at Peterson Sullivan.  They like the diversity of assignments in a mix of industries, the opportunity to work directly with clients, and the camaraderie and support of their co-workers.

As a recent graduate, you will likely enter our firm at the associate level.  Opportunities for advancement are driven by you and based on your individual performance in all of our firm’s competency areas.  In general, our professionals advance from associate to senior, and then to the manager/senior manager level.  From there, our principals may have the option to enter the Path to Partner program.

All employees of our firm have leadership responsibility and CHOOSE to bring their very best to work each day.

At Peterson Sullivan, we don’t have rigid guidelines that dictate how many years you must be at each level before being eligible for promotion.  Nor do we limit ourselves to a certain number of people at each level.  We recognize that each person’s career path can be as unique as they are, and we provide the flexibility to progress at the pace that’s right for you.

Feedback is an important part of your career progression here.  You’ll receive ongoing formal and informal feedback in all areas of career development such as your technical growth, contributions to the firm, your professional development, client service skills, your marketing and business development efforts, and your involvement with firm activities.

This sounds promising!  Talk to me about my schedule and work hours.

At PS, we recognize the need to be flexible when it comes to the ability of our people to work where they can provide the best client service.  We want to encourage an environment where our employees can be as efficient and productive as possible. 

Our Two Union Square office hours are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.  During our busy seasons (generally February to April and again between August and October), our staff may work 55-60 hours per week.

Entry-level staff can expect to travel overnight about ten days per year.  While most of our clients are located in the Puget Sound region, we do have additional travel opportunities for those who enjoy business travel.  Our auditors will spend 75%-80% of their time in the field, while our tax professionals will spend more time in the office.

I love to learn – how can the firm support me in my continued personal and professional growth?

We love to learn, too!  That’s why our Partners, Coaches, Managers, and Senior staff work closely with our Training, Workflow, and HR departments to support our incoming staff accountants with an initial and ongoing training plan.  Professional development classes are taught year-round by internal and external leaders, and all employees receive at least 40 hours of continuing professional education each year.

New Associates are assigned Learning Paths, which set out the required courses they should take in their first years at the firm.  Learning Paths are intended to guide new professionals in developing core competencies, but you aren’t limited to just these courses!  We encourage Associates to participate in our other classes too, to increase general knowledge, develop expertise on specific topics, and discover new areas of interest.

Would there be an opportunity for me to intern with PS while I’m in school?

The firm is proud to sponsor internships in both our Tax and Audit departments.  Students who are interested in applying for an internship may speak with a Peterson Sullivan Campus Ambassador at any time and will be able to apply for internships in the summer and fall each year.

 I’m looking for a firm that offers employees opportunities to connect outside of the office, are there any activities I can get involved in with at PS?

Yes!  We believe that an important part of enjoying your career is getting to know your co-workers.  We encourage participation in some or all of the activities we sponsor, such as the accounting league softball team, flag football team, volleyball team, and miniature golf summer league.  We also encourage employees to attend networking, professional, and recruiting events.  We have annual Holiday and Busy Season celebration parties, an annual All-Firm Retreat, “First Friday/4:01” events, and much more!

Does PS have a Coaching and Buddy program?

We do!  As you enter public accounting, you can expect an incredibly steep learning curve.  To support our Associate-level staff during this transition into their new careers, we offer Coaching and Buddy programs.  Each Associate is assigned a Buddy and a Coach to guide them in their professional development.

Your Buddy will assist you with day-to-day questions, such as how to input time and where to find supplies.  This person is also a great resource for meeting people in the office and finding your way around.

Your Coach will be a manager, senior manager, or principal-level accountant who has volunteered to champion your acclimation and success in the firm.  During the first week, and then at least quarterly, your Coach will meet with you to discuss your professional goals and opportunities.