Do you ever wonder what a typical day at Peterson Sullivan looks like for an entry-level audit associate? Neal Urbaniak gave us the scoop on what an average day as an associate looks like:

As an audit associate, you come to expect the unexpected.  It’s hard to pinpoint what you will be doing on a daily basis because each day is unique!  You get constantly challenged with new situations and projects, with a variety of different clients – the work keeps you on your toes.  Any given day you have the opportunity to work with a multitude of associates and seniors.

A typical day in the office could entail:

  • In-office audits
  • Wrapping up fieldwork
  • Initiating confirmation requests
  • Importing a trial balance
  • Training/Continuing Professional Education
  • Prepping data collection forms
  • Proofreading financial statements
  • Preparing board presentations
  • Attending planning meetings
  • Various projects

A typical day at the client could entail:

  • Connecting with the engagement team (setting up workspace and delegating tasks)
  • Meeting with the client for an update
  • Auditing various work-papers (cash, prepaid expenses, fixed assets, accounts payable, expenses)
  • Preparing clarifying questions for the client
  • Discussing with your senior and/or manager issues or questions that may arise
  • Wrapping up fieldwork

Typical clients you may work on:

  • Nonprofits
  • Construction
  • Hospitality
  • Professional Services
  • Real Estate

After Hours!

  • “First Friday” parties
  • Networking events
  • Firm recruiting events (we went to a Mariners game this last summer!)
  • Firm sponsored activities (softball, flag football, soccer, beach volleyball, putt-putt golf, fantasy football)
  • Coaching program activities

The opportunity to wake up and start each day knowing that you will learn something new is what I believe makes work at Peterson Sullivan most exciting.  Given the breadth of exposure to different industries and clients we service at Peterson Sullivan, no one day is ever the same.  Since I began my time at PS, the opportunity to work with an array of different clients has expanded my accounting knowledge further than I could have ever imagined and has aided in my professional growth tremendously.

In addition to the well-rounded audit experience that PS provides, the next best part about my job is the professional staff I have the opportunity to work with every day.  I’m truly astounded by the wealth of knowledge and experience my colleagues have and how willing they are to share this knowledge with me on a regular basis.  The people you meet here are remarkable which I attribute to the strong, collaborative firm culture.  Overall, I love my job here at PS because of the continual learning opportunities I am given and the welcoming environment I get to work in on a daily basis.