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Give and Receive with a Charitable Remainder Trust

Would you like to benefit charity while reducing the size of your taxable estate yet maintain an income stream for yourself?Would you also like to divest...   Read more.

Why You Need to Know the Value of Your Assets

With the gift and estate tax exemptions currently at $5.34 million, you might think that estate valuations are less important. Read more.


Peterson Sullivan Announces Promotions and Accomplishments

Peterson Sullivan LLP, a Seattle based CPA and advisory firm, is pleased to announce several promotions. Read more.

Top Estate Planning Mistakes

You've worked hard to achieve financial success. What is the legacy you want to leave behind? Partner Ron Nagle discusses the top estate planning mistakes and how you can avoid them in the latest issue of The Puget Sound Dealer (page 12). Read more.

Thought Leadership

Read a few of our latest viewpoints as our team of experts look at the immediate and long-term issues facing our clients.

Not All Funds Are Created Equal

Nonprofit organizations typically depend on a variety of funding to keep them alive and well. They need funds to pay their bills, pay their staffs and pay for the costs of running their programs. Read more.

SEC Cracks Down on Financial Statement Fraud

As the economy continues on the road to recovery and stock prices rise, the SEC is showing renewed interest in financial statement fraud. As the economy continues on the road to recovery and stock prices rise, the SEC is showing renewed interest... Read more.

Industries and Services

Fraud & Forensic Accounting

From time to time questions about the financial integrity of a business or personal situation can arise. Speculation, theories and suspicions are a natural... Read more.

Succession Planning

Your objectives and vision for your company are important elements in your quest for a new owner. This process can be challenging... Read more.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Many business owners are involved in a sale, merger or acquisition once or maybe twice during their lives.  Read more.