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U.S. Exporters: Where are Your IC-DISCS?

IC-DISCs allow the long-term deferral of tax on export profits and can provide a favorable tax rate differential of more than 15% on export profits. A corporate, LLC, or partnership exporter can form an IC-DISC to take advantage of potentially large tax savings. Read more.

New Accounting Standards for 2017

With a new year comes the implementation of new accounting standards. The following ASUs are the most likely to have an impact on technology companies in 2017. Read more.

Peterson Sullivan Expands International Tax Practice

Peterson Sullivan, a Puget Sound Top 7 accounting firm, announced today that Suzanne Kane, JD, has joined the firm as the International Tax Director. Read more. 

Sorting Through Share-Based Compensation

Accounting for stock options can be tricky. It is not all that surprising considering the relevant literature includes concepts like simplified binomial models, implied volatility, and other high flying concepts straight out of MIT Sloan. Thankfully there is hope for those who find accounting for stock options puzzling. It all starts with the basics. Read more.

Thought Leadership

Read a few of our latest viewpoints as our team of experts look at the immediate and long-term issues facing our clients.

House Flipping: Business or Investment?

When investing in real estate, it is important to understand what the tax treatment on the sale of the property will be. Depending on whether the taxpayer is considered a real estate investor or real estate dealer, the tax rate paid on the gain can vary greatly. Read more.

Conflicts of Interest in M&A Transactions

When a company is acquired, its board of directors should identify and respond to actual or potential conflicts of interest on the part of the company’s investment bankers or other financial advisors. This is one of the lessons gleaned from the influential Delaware Supreme Court’s decision in 2015, RBC Capital Markets, LLC v. Jervis (the Rural/Metro case). This article reviews guidelines for financial advisors offered by the case. Read more.

Time for a Change: Tax-Free Reorganiazations

Corporations and their shareholders are in a constant state of change and adaptation as they respond to the multitude of internal and external pressures of the modern global economy. Businesses have to change if they wish to remain competitive, and whether it be to increase efficiencies, consolidate, improve the bottom line, or change ownership, a reorganization is one method a corporation can use to address the need for change. Read more.

Is There a Capital Campaign in Your Future?

Almost every school we work with has had a capital campaign and some schools are currently making plans for another one. There are lots of things to think about in this process, but here are a few things your CPA wants you to keep in mind. Read More.

Industries and Services

Fraud & Forensic Accounting

From time to time questions about the financial integrity of a business or personal situation can arise. Speculation, theories and suspicions are a natural... Read more.

Succession Planning

Your objectives and vision for your company are important elements in your quest for a new owner. This process can be challenging... Read more.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Many business owners are involved in a sale, merger or acquisition once or maybe twice during their lives.  Read more.